Variohm Eurosensor

A new partnership will give the opportunity to distribute all the standard products by Variohm Eurosensor to any customer within the Italian territory, with the opportunity to generate specific products for customers in Italy and abroad.

The strong presence of Aviorace within the motorsport sector will provide additional opportunities to promote the Variohm Eurosensor products by including the specific competencies and experience on the specific applications: prices will be competitive, as usual.

With such relevant enlargement of the product portfolio, Aviorace is now able to satisfy the needs of its customers on any type of project and destination: from R&D test labs up to the most extreme applications on racing vehicles.

We are fully available to introduce in detail the whole Variohm Eurosensor products portfolio.

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  • AM-RSS Programmable Angle Sensor

  • ELPM Linear Position Sensor

  • EPT1200

  • EPT1400

  • EPT1500

  • EPT2100

  • EPT3100

  • EPT31H2 Pressure Transducer

  • EPTT5100

  • EPTTE1400

  • EPTTE3100

  • EPTTE5100

  • ETP-AM-SP-100 – Motorsport



  • ETP-MO