Car test bench

Car test bench


The test bench using the Dynapack hub system provides a real measurement of the power delivered by the engine without any loss because of the slippage of the tires that typically occurs in the most classic roller benches.

Dynapack DAQ53, built in New Zealand, is one of the most advanced car test benches on the market and complies with the latest regulations.

The whole system can be transported, upon request, to the customer’s premises as long as it can be used in accordance with current regulations.


  • Direct installation of the brake bench on the wheel hub: it eliminates the slippage typical of roller bench systems.
  • 4 independent units with hydraulic braking able to manage any 4-wheel drive vehicle. No carriageway and wheelbase restrictions. Possibility to perform power curves in the presence of steering angle (FWD / 4WS).
  • Maximum performance (on the 4 brakes):
    • Power: 1.900 KW
    • Torque: 2.000 Nm
  • Control and analysis software: vehicles can be connected via OBD or directly via CAN bus
  • HIC – hub independent control: this function allows differentiated braking control on individual hubs – vehicles with independent motors on individual wheels (hybrid / electric) or to carry out tests on electronically / mechanically controlled / torque vectoring differentials
  • Universal hub interfaces adaptable to almost all OEM systems. Adapters for single nut hubs available on request.

Equipped test room

The test room is totally soundproofed and has cooling and air speed simulation units (up to 80 Km/h for radiator cooling of mid / rear engine cars), at the front and on the sides.

The test room also has a soundproof booth that is separate from the test area and equipped with furniture, air conditioning, electrical connections and internet: the ideal place to supervise the testing activities and analyze the data in total comfort.

The structure allows you to unload the cars directly from the trailer within a closed area with exclusive access to ensure maximum confidentiality for customers with prototype cars, mock-ups and vehicles not yet presented to the public.


  • Motor power test (guaranteed results reproducibility with 0.03% deviations)
  • Simulations and long runs: loading the data of a homologation cycle or a real track
  • Torque distribution calibration tests on both axles (4WD)
  • Torque distribution calibration tests on independently braked wheels (mechanical / electronic / torque vectoring differentials)
  • Power and torque test with steering angle presence (FWD and 4WD)
  • AVIORACE technical assistance guaranteed for the entire duration of the test
  • Design and construction of hub interfaces (single nut or specific design)


  • Accuracy of power curves comparable to those in engine test rooms, but without having to disassemble anything
  • No vehicle size limits – wheelbase, track width
  • Extremely fast installation: in only 30 minutes the vehicle is ready for testing
  • No danger of damaging the tires
  • Once the vehicle is in position, operations take place in total safety
  • Total compliance with smoke and noise regulations
  • Possibility to monitor tests from the outside (dedicated control booth)
  • Cost – efficiency ratio higher than any roller test bench

Bench tests are managed directly by Aviorace for all constructors, teams and independent professionals.

For private individuals, testing activities are managed by K-ERS, a company belonging to the Group, dedicated to B to C trade, and to technical assistance on motorbikes and cars.

AVIORACE also offers a resale and assistance service for Dynapack test benches. Contact us for further information.