Aviorace offers a large range of sensors specifically developed to provide performances and accuracy of the signals in line with the expectations of high tech markets. 

The current product portfolio covers the acquisition data needs of the whole vehicle, for all kind of powertrains: thermic, electric, or hybrid.

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  • Air Temperature sensor ST_Air

  • CAN Module TK_4

  • Dual axis accelerometer ACC5G

  • Gear knob

  • Gearshift Sensor AR 006

  • Gyro 150°/s

  • IMU Attitude – Inertial Measurement Unit

  • Inductive speed sensor SV8

  • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

  • Infrared temperature sensor IR-1000

  • Infrared temperature sensor IR-200

  • Infrared temperature sensor IR-200-64

  • Lambda Bosch LSU 4.9 cabled with Deutsch Autosport connector

  • Laser distance sensor RHL-350v1

  • LCU – Single Lambda to CAN Controller

  • LCU4 – Lambda to CAN 4 in 1 module