ECU MoTeC 2021 sole distributor for CIV SBK class

The teams participating in the SBK category and Federmoto (the Italian Motorcycling Federation) have decided to make the use of the MoTeC unit mandatory on all participating motorcycle models starting from the 2021 season.

Aviorace S.r.l. has been officially designated as the sole distributor of the MoTeC control unit and will guarantee its maximum commitment in terms of technical assistance, both remotely and on track, to all teams.

Regarding the technical information of our products, Aviorace provides the following on its website:

  • ECU technical drawings and dimensions
  • Calibration software user manual
  • Software needed to use the product
  • Optional information material

Please note that the motorcycle wiring harness is not supplied by Aviorace: its construction is not bound to any specific supplier, therefore every team is free to choose his own harness according to its specific needs.

For information and support to the Teams, you can find a list of recommended cable operators on our website.

There you can also find the whole technical documentation relating to the guidelines of the necessary and suggested connections for the wiring of each motorcycle model.

In addition, you can order the electronic material that is compulsory by regulation and, if necessary, optional materials, too: price lists of the required part numbers are available on our website and by e-mail upon request.

During the first start-up of the motorcycle, customers are required to come to the Aviorace facility with the motorcycle ready for starting. A specialized technician will carry out the initial set-up, check the electronic functioning of the system and start the motorbike.