Motorbike test bench

Motorbike test bench

Aviorace has a Dynojet 250i roller test bench.

The test room has a soundproofing system, cooling fans and smoke collection systems.

The engine tests are therefore carried out in complete safety and in compliance with current regulations.

Power test service:

  • RPM or speed control
  • Lambda probe for each cylinder (carburation check)
  • Data acquisition

Mappings on additional control units:

  • Power
  • Commander
  • Rapid Bike
  • Yec
  • Hrc
  • Yoshimura

Mapping on OE ECUs – original:

  • Woolich Racing
  • Alientech
  • Rexxer

Mappings on MoTeC and Marelli Motorsport control units

Bench tests are managed directly by Aviorace for all constructors, teams and independent professionals.

For private individuals, testing activities are managed by K-ERS, a company belonging to the Group, dedicated to trade B to C, and technical assistance on motorcycles and cars.