About Us

Quality & Corporate Governance

Aviorace’s goal is to grow constantly, in all business sectors, in an organic and structured way.

This means giving importance not only to the growth of turnover, internal and external resources, but also to align the working method and the principles of daily activity with the reference standards of modern and successful industries.

ISO 9001/2015

Aviorace has equipped itself with the necessary work tools to work according to the quality requirements set by ISO 9001/2015 and in October 2018 it obtained the related TUV certification.

Code of Ethics

The growth of resources and the expansion of the business in international territory and in various fields of application in the industrial sector has suggested the adoption of a code of ethics that contributes to affirming the first of our values: professional integrity, guaranteeing maximum seriousness of internal and external collaborators, for greater protection of the final customer.